College of Medicine

The College of Medicine was granted its license to operate and started enrolling its first batch of medical learners in the year 2017. Its outcome-based curriculum is designed for a full-time 4-year study as a post-baccalaureate program consisting of three years of basic and clinical courses and one year of rotating clinical clerkship. It is inspired by a framework that constructively aligns institutional educational goals with program intended learning outcomes purposely articulated towards the creation of a holistic attribute unique to the compassionate, clinically competent medical graduates of the institution. It prides itself to be “a leading learning institution blending Western and traditional Chinese (Eastern) medicine in the pursuit of producing complete physicians", duly-recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a medical institution, and now, by the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care - Department of Health as the very first College of Medicine in the Philippines to be certified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Center.

Likewise, the College of Medicine has in its roster seasoned and respected faculty members in Philippine medical education complemented by modern and state of the art teaching - learning facilities to assure local and global competitiveness.

Academic Heads
Normando C. Gonzaga, MD
Emelita A. Gan, MD
Mayla Veronica C. Madrigal, MD
Degree Program Curriculum
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